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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Krathin Festival In Thailand

At Sanambin School, we celebrate Kathin every year. This year the whole school will assemble on Friday, November 5, for our Robe-Giving Ceremony.
You may like to see a video our students prepared
with help from Aj Somnuk Pongtepin.
The Thai ceremony of Krathin - Boon Krathin - is a traditional Buddhist festival that gets its name from Krathin robes worn by ordained Buddhist monks.
The Thai lunar calendar reckons Krathin to be the day after the 11th full moon as Raem 1 Kham Deuan 11 - Waning 1 Evening Moon 11. On Owk-Pansa, the day of the full moon, villagers and city dwellers go to the local temple for prayers and to pay respect to the monks at the end of their Vassa retreat.
Across Northeast Thailand, the Krathin Festival is celebrated in villages and cities with colorful parades and offering ceremonies at local temples.
In Bangkok, the presentation of Kathin by the King of Thailand or his representative is called the Royal Krathin Ceremony. It is a very special occasion when people from all over the world gather to see a Procession of the Royal Barge.


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