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Monday, November 1, 2010

English Website Project - Why We Chose Krathin!

Krathin English Project

A group of students at Sanambin School created an online English Project on the subject of the Krathin Robe-Giving Ceremony. Their leadership saw the creation of Sanambin's first English language website - which they called Sanambin - learn & have fun!

Project Team
The Krathin English Project at Sanambin School has three team members - Kanokporn Juesomboonpon, Nutarinee Sudpaw, and Praepan Sorndee.
They were assisted by four Sanambin teachers - Aj Wasana Sawangsri, Aj Stephen Partington, Aj Somnuk Pongtepin, and Aj Udomyoot Klinthonchai.

Our group became interested in studying the robe-giving ceremony.
We know it's a part of Buddhist culture with a long tradition - from the time of the Buddha - yet many Thai people seem to know so little about it.
Since we, like many others, were unaware of the history and meaning of the robe-giving ceremony, our group decided to learn about it, and present our findings on the internet. Then others would be able to learn about it too.
The robe-giving ceremony is different from other traditions because it happens only once a year. It takes place after the season of Lent. This year, that's from October 21 to November 21.

1. To study the background and history of the Krathin Festival.
2. To find out the meaning the word Krathin.
3. To learn how to make an offering in the robe-giving ceremony.
4. To learn about different kinds of Krathin.

Many people do not understand the history of Krathin ceremony - but knowing its history, and what happens in the ceremony, they are able to participate more meaningfully.
By learning the history of the robe-giving ceremony, we hope to participate in it with greater interest.

Steps In Creating A Website About Krathin
1. Methods of research: Internet, books, videos
2. Outcomes of study: Meaning of Krathin, ceremony details
3. Equipment: Computer, Internet connection
4. Skills: Writing in English, Web design

Outcomes And Benefits
At the conclusion of this study, we want to:
1. Know the meaning of Krathin.
2. Know the history of Krathin.
3. Know about different kinds of Krathin.
4. Know how to participate in Krathin.
5. Improve our English.
6. Learn about developing a website.

We chose to participate in the Krathin, and to know and preserve this culture, by designing a website that would also help new generations understand and participate in the robe-giving ceremony.


  1. I want to congratulate Sanambin students Kanokporn, Nualanong, Nutarinee, and Praepan, and English teacher Aj Wasana, for their foresight and excellent work on this project.

    It has been a real pleasure to assist you. I wish you every success in the competition, and hope you continue to find English a pleasure.

    Because of you lovely girls, there's now an English website for Sanambin School. This is an historic moment! God bless you.

    Aj Stephen

  2. Very interesting


  3. learn a lot! Thanks.

    Orain Moonsri